Thursday, February 1, 2007

DAY 1: Sentenced to Bedrest

I got some bad news today at my ultrasound hearing (appt). I went in to have some measurements taken, and got sentenced to bedrest at the local prenatal correctional facility (hospital).

My initial sentence: charged with a misdemeanor violation of the Incompetent Cervix Rehabilitation Act, found guilty, 3-4 month term in hospital, no chance of parole, no bail.


Anonymous said...

Day 9 - Hi Ashley, your mother just sent me your blog site. If I was to use modern slang, I would say cool, it really rocks, it's
sweet. What a great way to help the time pass...I see this becoming a book someday. Your looking at the positives in this negative situation is so good. My prayers will be with you and the baby.
Keep writing.....

(by the way what do you think of my curls)

Unknown said...


I know your hubby from Korrektiv (don't hold that against me I am really okay)

I will be following along with you and praying for you from now on. I will also have some friends pray for you as well.