Monday, February 12, 2007

DAY 12: Share Your Story

Today was somewhat of a roller coaster day. I had a wonderful morning, complete with a shower, chai tea, my daily Ellen episode, and early afternoon visitors. My friend Kelli brought her 9 month old bundle of joy (Sam). I got lots of smiles and giggles. Good medicine for the bedrest soul. However, I had a turn for the worse a little later and found myself in a funk. For some reason, my doctors keep forgetting to pass on the fact that this "can be done". There are thousands of women who endure bedrest for months and months and have healthy babies.

So, what I am asking from you is to share your story, your cousin's story, your neighbor's story - anybody's story! Do you know of someone in my similiar situation who has been successful and delivered a bundle of joy? I feel like I am needing to hear success stories today! So, just go to the comments section and post away!

Lots of love to you all and thank you so much for all of the encouragement you have already sent my way!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley. I work with Jonathan and have seen many, many photographs of your beautiful family. He sent me your Blog and Day 12, and many other days, struck a chord. I too, was sentenced to the Incompetent Cervix Club after my first child and like you, had a young daughter to care for at the time (under 1). Bed rest was the prescription of the day, home bed rest, including bedpan, no showers and no family. I was in Portland at the time; family in Spokane. Ugh, I can tell you stories. I am on state time here (we'll call it the break I never take) but I wanted to reach out and share a few quick things before I share more at home.

First, bed rest works! Jaime Kendyl, now 22, is a product of close to 5 months of bed rest after a cerclage and complications. I carried her to term and in fact she was a bit overdue! Still stubborn today. Now as I look back it was the blink of an eye. Think of what you will accomplish and try to see it as an opportunity, as you have already been doing. Heck, you can learn Spanish in several months:-) It is a blessing Ashley, you are actually in the hospital with assistance and medical attention nearby. That is where you should be and it is saving your baby's life. That is one of my huge regrets in a story I can share with you privately that didn't end so well. It may be difficult being there and away from familiar settings and family but you are there for a very important task and I know it will all work out wonderfully. Your cervix will hold up just fine, and so will your family. Your baby girl will be beautiful. Just follow your doctors' orders and think of the amazing things that you accomplish in one day. Your child gets that much closer to being "viable". I know, it sucks you even have to know words like that and be so frightened inside sometimes but have faith things will go well. I hope you don't mind me sharing this but it relaxes me even today.

Trust - in His timing
Rely - on His promises
Wait - for His answers
Believe - in His miracles
Rejoice - in His goodness
Relax - in His presence

You too will successfully deliver a bundle of joy Ashley! Just keep marking off those days and it will be months before you know it.

Since you have a bit of spare time on your hands, please feel free to contact me day or night. We are kindred spirits in what you are doing. I still have my calendar in Jaime's baby book, marking each day as it elapsed. I so missed all the ordinary things that I was use to doing . . . braiding my daughter's hair, playing in the sprinkler, duh, taking a shower, and so on. All of that now pales in comparison to your task at hand. Bless you for loving your little girl so much Ashley to give her the great start she needs. The blink of eye, that's all it is, the blink of an eye and you will be home with two beautiful daughters and your loving husband. By the way, I've never met a man who loves his family as much, except my dad.

My prayers and positive thoughts are with you.

Carol S. King - anytime, day or night, sincerely
cell - 994-4200 if you need anything

Ashley said...


Thank you so, so much for sharing your sweet story. It is encouragement like yours that I will cling to. I have already read your message at least 4-5 times today. : )


tamerlane said...

hey ash~

well, as previously discussed and you already know...
I am the product of such bedrest.
way back in the 70's in South Cackalacky, my poor mom, 4 months, not so much as a television.
i was early still, but i was "done."
and obviously, it was worth it!

and that was a long time ago, medically speaking...

also, my co-worker lee had a baby girl last november, i think it was. she's a good ol' southern transplant like us. she was on bedrest for 2 months, i think. i remember because she was going crazy and we all started sending her our work to do - our crappy jobs like alphabetizing, labeling, filing - things one would normally fight NOT to have to do. otherwise, i wouldn't even remember her bedrest (though i'm sure she won't forget) because her babygirl jillian is so healthy & pink.

so, obviously it works.

so don't even sweat the computer usage. my personal motto for such times is: "whatever works!" well, usually there are more curse words involved, but that's my G-rated version. it is totally helping you stay connected! which is tres importante!
and although i'm not a mom and don't know the bedrest deal first hand, i am familiar with being in the hospital - infirm, shall we say? - and to be a a bit scared and not able to use your body in the previously free fashion.

so it's good to look at the positive, for sure, and it's ok to be frustrated too. just try to be present for yourself and your little hershey.

and keep up the good REST!