Wednesday, February 14, 2007

DAY 14: Powerhouse Day Continued

Well, for those of you who read my post earlier today, I must report that my day continued to be a powerhouse day. I probably had too many positives to count, but I will share a few more with you:

8. I received a dozen roses from my sweetheart
9. Holland made a Valentine painting for me
10. I got tons more Valentine emails
11. One of my favorite nurses was on my night shift
12. Jonathan ordered take out dinner
13. A card was delivered to me today from my mom during "mail call"
14. My colleague/friend/boss may have a lead on someone to hire to take over my caseload
15. I watched sappy love stories on Oprah (I'm not an avid Oprah watcher, but today's topic was right up my alley!)
16. Jonathan and I had a TV date to watch a new episode of "Lost"

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