Thursday, February 15, 2007

DAY 15: Thought for Thursday

It is amazing to me how quickly we habituate to things. When I first arrived here, I was on strict bedrest which meant no bathroom privileges, no showers, no getting my own food/drinks, etc. After 3-4 days, my doctor allowed me to have showers every other day. These showers were huge highlights to my days! I would literally count the hours until I could take another shower! I realized how I didn't appreciate this daily activity, and I decided to make more of a concerted effort to take notice of life's simple pleasures, life's every day activities. Have you ever thought about just how wonderful it is to start each day with a hot shower?

This week my doctor granted me the privilege of daily showers (as long as I took more of a bath, maintaining a mostly supine position). Each night, I think about the following day and what I have to look forward to. After two days and two showers, I thought "oh, tomorrow is shower day", but then it dawned on me that wasn't a big deal because I had just had one that morning. I thought "ho-hum", "I need to focus on something else for tomorrow". Wow! All it took was two showers in a row and I had already forgotten what a great delight it was.

This may seem so trivial and so silly, but it's not just showers. What is it in your every day activities that you aren't appreciating? Your spouse's goodbye kiss? Eating breakfast with your kids? Driving to work? Afternoon walk to the coffee shop? Reading a bedtime story?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,

Saw your husband's post over at Sidelines and came to check out your blog. I feel like I know you already, you are a terrific writer! I am also on strict bedrest since 24 weeks, now at 29 weeks, been in and out of the hospital. My first daughter was born at 29 weeks and is doing great. Come sign up at Sidelines so we can chat!


Bartholomew Snibbs said...

Buddhist mindfulness. Sounds so easy, so hard to really do. The hardest part I have on those Buddhist meditation retreats.
You do have a lot to be thankful for: a great husband, beautiful daughter, supportive family and friends, and the fact that you're in the hospital for a relatively good reason (you don't have cancer, heart disease, or some other degenerative malady). It's still no fun to be there, but it'll be worth it.

Thanks for these blogs, I love them.


Quin Finnegan said...

I usually shower in the supine position and I think it's great. Usually with a bottle of Heineken in hand.

I haven't gotten into the whole daily thing, although people have often encouraged me to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

qvaThis week I am missing mrangelmeg's daily kisses as he is away on a golfing vacation with his dad (my valentines day gift to him -- his to me was an all day gift certificate to a local spa full on the works body treatment which I am saving for when the pedicure will show).

In Ignatian Spirituality the Examen is set up to keep one mindful of the everyday graces in ones life. I really like that aspect of my daily practice. It helps to ground me and remind me how well ordered my steps are.