Sunday, February 18, 2007

DAY 18: "Letting Go Therapy"

I am learning each day that this experience is all about
letting go
relinquishing control
resigning myself to being at the mercy of others.
Not an easy feat.

I took this picture of Holland because I cracked up when she and Jonathan walked in this morning. What in the world did my husband let her walk out of the house in? A tierra, purple lensed glasses, a fun snail necklace, a Dora t-shirt, and jeans with embroidered white flowers on them. Now don't get me wrong, I love all of these items - it's just the combination of them together that I have issues with.

Those of you who know me, know that I like to dress Holland a certain way! This just happens to be quite different from "my way". However, since I am learning to let go - I had no choice but to look at the smile on her face and realize that she found great joy in putting together that ensemble!

For now, I will try and surrender my need to control how she dresses and let her have a little fun with it! I can't promise I will continue with this attitude once I am up and about, but who knows crazier things have happened!


Nancy said...

Hi Ashley,

Holland looks adorable! And yes, when you are up and about you will have a newborn so you'll probably just be happy that Holland is wearing *any* clothes, forget about whether they match! (At least that's what I told myself as I watched Juliana leave the house this morning in an aqua shirt, pink pants, orange socks and yellow shoes! She picked it all out herself and was thrilled...)

Anonymous said...

Ashley Potter I am truly amazed, I think I understand "your" style very well as we share the same point of view, but look at Miss H. she it truly

tamerlane said...

i would be a terrible influence too because i LOVE her outfit. i would pretty much wear that myself.

Anonymous said...

mrangelmeg came to the hospital once with the kids in pyjama pants and house slippers because he swears that I hid their shoes before I had the audacity to be hospitalized.

That was many many years ago and when I realized that he was doing the best that he could under extremely trying circumstances for his male brain.

Though one of those children to this day is much more comfortable in yoga pants and slippers than real clothing at 20 than most girls her age. He started her down that path.

God uses what is available as lessons for us in surrender, be thankful that this one at least brought you a smile.