Tuesday, February 20, 2007

DAY 20: Parole Request: DENIED

I was up for parole yesterday at my ultrasound appointment. I was pretty sure I'd earned some time off my sentence for good behavior, and that the warden, after reviewing the latest ultrasound results, would recognize that my cervix was not a danger to society and could be be released to house arrest.

Request DENIED. "you're cervix flunked", the warden said.

So, a second parole request can be made in 2-3 weeks.

Back to the slammer for me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley! It's Tamerlane's friend Beth (from SC). She told me about the bedrest situation and this amazing blog you created. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on all this, especially Dr. Sunshine. We had one of those, too, who ended up being the doc on call the night Cecilia was born. Oh joy. But I refused to let him bring me down, and I stopped biting my tongue around him and felt much better. By the way, Cecilia was born at 35.5 weeks and, besides a bit of jaundice, was healthy and loud and screaming and kicking and crazy and hasn't calmed down since. I'm sure Baby Hershey will have a lot of screaming to do, too.

Keep up the faith and great sense of humor - it will help you more than you may ever realize.

Nancy said...

Hi Ashley,

Sorry to hear you were denied parole. Has your cervix shortened more or did they just not see any improvement?

Keep your spirits up, looks like you're getting some scrapping done at least!

Don't know if you've been on Sidelines lately but I posted that you inspired me to set up a blog of my own - check it out when you get a chance! http://teammenace.blogspot.com/


Ashley said...

Hi Nancy,

Welcome to blog land! So glad you joined me. I think you will find it is such a great way to pass the time, keep family and friends informed, and documenting this phase of your life! I don't keep a journal at all. I always have intentions of doing it, but just get too put off by the writing part. I am very excited about this form of journaling and hope that I will keep it up long after baby comes! I hope you dont mind but I put a link to your site on mine. If you would rather I didn't, I can remove it!

Happy Blogging!


Ashley said...

Hi Beth!

Thanks for commenting. I appreciate all the encouragement.

I certainly enjoy looking at all of Tamerlane's pictures of Cecilia. She is such a cutie!


Jonathan Webb said...

I know the feeling.