Saturday, February 24, 2007

DAY 23: Full Circle

When Holland was born (3+ years ago), I had the most amazing labor nurse. She was my coach, my cheerleader, my guidance counselor, my personal trainer, my motivator - my saving grace!

There is something so special about the team of professionals who assist you with bringing your first born child into the world (or any child for that matter). I remember the feeling that I got the first time I saw my doctor after he delivered Holland. I was overcome with joy, respect, and awe. I got warm fuzzies all over and my eyes welled up with tears. Since then I have always wanted to run into my labor nurse, and I had to opportunity to do so last night. She remembered Holland's name, and then she remembered me once she saw me. It was such a fun reunion. I shared some birth pictures with her, and told her how grateful I had been for her on that special night. Definitely my highlight of the day!

She was very excited to have things come "full circle". She is working tonight and will come by to meet Holland. So once again, I have something to look forward to. I'm feeling very blessed!

I'm not totally sure why I felt led to share that story except that this is a journal for me to look back on too, and I certainly don't want to forget the wonderful things that occur during this trying time! Thanks for listening!

What's your blessing for the day? I would love to hear them.

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Nancy said...

Hi Ashley,

What a nice story! I have not yet run into my L&D nurses from my delivery with Juliana but I can relate.

I have run into many of the dr's and nurses who took care of her in the NICU and they are always so happy to catch up on a "graduate".

To answer your question - we turn our week on Monday, so not quite to 31 weeks yet. How about you?