Saturday, February 3, 2007

DAY 3: Realization

I realized today that I can rest and be calm.

As long as I am in a stable state, I need not worry.
As long as I am not having contractions, I can relax.
As long as I am not feeling pain, I can remain still.
As long as I focus on the liklihood of making it further, I can find hope.

As long as I have faith, I can find peace.


carmielynn :-) said...

I will begin my "sentence" at the end of August. I SHOULD be working right now, but my mind is so full of thoughts of four + months of bed rest, that it is hard to focus! Congrats on your beautiful child & well done!
I am commenting on this post, because it is perfect. It will be hard to focus on those thoughts, but I will print it out & read often.
Thanks for encouraging words!

p.s. I have a 13 y.o. very handsome young man who was brought into this world only because of 4+ months of bedrest...I KNOW I can do it again!

Ashley said...

Dear "mommy-round two",

I hope you get this message:

One thing I had to constantly remind myself was that however long I ended up on bedrest - it was a blip on the radar of life!

You can do it! Youre gonna do great! good luck and feel free to email me anytime!