Friday, February 16, 2007

DAY16: Sacred Heart Hotel

It's kinda funny - I have accidentally referred to the hospital as a hotel on a few occassions. Initially, I found that to be ironic since hotels are usually traveled to by choice and are chosen for the amenities. If I want to push the envelope a little bit, I can acutally come up with some comparisons of the two. I am in a brand spanking new facility and as far as hospitals go it is pretty nice. I have:

A room with a view (downtown area and snowcapped mountain)
Room service 3x a day for meals and 2x a day for snacks
My linens are changed almost daily
My bed is turned down while I am showering
Daily house cleaning
Jetted bath tub
A pitcher of water by my bedside
In room refrigerator
Wireless internet connection & cable tv
DVD, VHS, and CD players
Fresh flowers everywhere

Oh yeah,

I can't forget the Gideon Bible (actually, I don't think it's a Gideon Bible since it's a catholic hospital- I'll have to double check on that!)

I certainly don't have all of these things in my bedroom at home - so that is my focus for the day! What's your focus of the day?


Nancy said...

Hi Ashley,

My focus for the day is trying to find a new project I can do while on bed rest! I was thinking about pre-ordering some envelopes for birth announcements so I can address them, but DH refuses to look at them and help me choose so far b/c we're both paranoid and superstitious (our DD was born at 29 weeks the day after we chose final name candidates).

Thinking I might try stamping some thank you notes and see how it goes. But first I have to get DH to get me some supplies. I think that might be the most frustrating thing about bed rest, is always having to wait for someone else to do or get for you.

Do you have any projects you're working on, besides this blog? :)

Have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Hi Nancy,

I have been working on organizing digital photos into more accessible
folders (seasons, grandparents, daddy, mommy, family, etc). This way I can just go to a folder if I want to find specific pictures. I do a lot of scrapbooking so this makes it easy to find subject matter! I have also been working on DVD projects - putting pictures and music together with the intent of giving them as gifts (a DVD with just my daughter and her daddy for my husband's birthday, etc).

I'm also going to attempt to have my husband bring my scrapbooking
supplies to the hospital. Not sure if he can totally pull it off
though 'cause I have stuff in a few places.

I've thought about making thank you notes too. That's a great idea. I would also love to make birth announcements but maybe a little later.

I totally understand the frustration of having others do things for you. My husband had to buy a birthday gift last night for a birthday party today! I didn't even ask to see it! : ) He tries really hard, but......just not the same as a mommy buying a gift!

Happy Saturday!


Simon Conley said...

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