Thursday, February 22, 2007

DAY 22: Dr. Sunshine Reappears

I thought for sure that Dr. Sunshine had been taken off of my case because I talked to my main doctor about him, and I haven't seen him in about 10 days. Well, he re-appeared this morning. He was only in my room for one minute and still managed to offend me.

Dr: "I heard there was bad news on your sonogram."
Me: "Yeah, I'm a little shorter"

No comment. He hastily checked my lungs.

Dr: "Any contractions?"
Me: "No"
Dr: "Any bleeding?"
Me: "No"
Dr: "Still feeling baby move?"
Me: "Yes"
Dr: "That means your still pregnant."
"Let's just keep doing what we're doing."

For those of you who are just tuning into my blog, you can find my original post about Dr. Sunshine on Day 11 - just scroll down a few days!


Anonymous said...

Ted and I are so proud of you, Ashley! You are staying upbeat through everything. Even Dr. Sunshine can't change your basic attitude of patience and cheerfulness.
We are proud of Jonathan and Holland too!
You are all real troopers!
Max Ebel, Karen's dad, has been in and out of the hospital lately with lung problems. Karen and I email each other every day. She updates me on Max's condition, and I update her on Hershey's status---late life issues vs. early life issues--the end of life and the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Ashley & Hershey ~

I am sooooo glad you are on bedrest ... How else would I keep up with all your progress via this blog that you luckily have time to keep. Keep up the hard work Ashley - you are bringing a precious bundle into this world! Pretty soon it will be Week 40 and you can blog adios to Dr. Sunshine!!

Jonathan - kudos to you too for keeping Ashley & Hershey in scrapbooking supplies!! The wheelchair pic is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

"Keep doing what 'we're' doing"??? "We"?? I don't understand what exactly Dr. Sunshine is doing that gets him included in the "we."

Unless, keeping-you-determined-to-prove-him-wrong counts as something. Then yeah, sure, he's doing something.

YOU are doing an amazing job, Ash!

XXOO, from the Webbs

Jonathan Webb said...

That Dr. Sunshine is a real comic genius.