Wednesday, February 28, 2007

DAY 28: Gadget Girl

My husband has turned me into a Gadget Girl/Tech Junkie. He doesn't like to admit it but he loves techy gadgets, and I think this might be proof. I have received all of the above gadgets since I have been hospitalized, but I must admit they have made life much more fun and bearable. Here are links and descriptions of my techy toys:

80 GB Ipod - holds up to 20,000 songs and 200 hours of streaming video!
Logitech Wireless Mouse - allows me to use computer while maintaining my bedrest supine position. My belly makes a great make shift mouse pad!
Cameramate CF Card Reader - all I have to do is pop my camera card in and Voila!, I have upladed pictures!
Energizer Flexible LED Book Light - I can use this while Jonathan is putting Holland to bed. It enables us to eliminate the bright overhead hospital lights!
4 Port USB Hub - this allows me to plug in ALL of these things at once!
Logitech Wireless Keyboard - this is the device that keeps me emailing ang blogging without compromising my position!

Thanks, Babe! I'm eager to see what you bring me next!

1 comment:

Jonathan Webb said...

An eight port is better. And 160 is better than 80. My friend has an 80 and it's not enough. A seven port is okay, but you really should get a nine port.