Sunday, February 18, 2007

Necessary Evil

I have been thinking a lot about my computer usage these days. And here is what I am struggling with:

Is the computer a necessary evil or is it an absolute necessity?

It seems like it is a little of both. Maybe an absolute evil necessity. Or a necessary absolute evil. Not sure, but definitely something to think about. It is ironic to me that the one thing that I get frustrated with Jonathan about is the computer. He absolutely has no time management skills when it comes to the computer (and he will admit this). He will jump online to get a phone number to order a pizza or something and he emerges from the computer room two hours later without having ordered the pizza! He will bring the superpages link up to find the number, but while it is loading, he checks his blogs, publishes some posts, pays some bills, researches some fleeting thought that he finds interesting, sends some emails, replies to some emails, re-checks his blog, etc, etc, etc (you get the idea).

By this point, you probably have figured out that I am about to confess that I am now struggling with my own time management issues and the computer. I don't think I have even picked up a book since the computer was turned on 13 days ago. I haven't read my magazines, I haven't had quiet time to reflect, I haven't done any of the work projects that I brought to the hospital, and the list goes on. Why is it that the computer sucks us in that way?

I never would have thought I would have issues with "balance" while being laid up in a hospital, but that is clearly the issue. I need to find more balance. I need to limit my computer time by reading more, praying more, reflecting more, and just "being" more. So this is my goal for the week. BALANCE.

In the computer's defense, I feel like I must say that I have been very grateful for it. Had I not had it, my days would be much longer and I may have had to have been admitted into an asylum by now. So having said that, I think I came to a conclusion:

the computer is an absolute evil necessity!


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the time management issue ... I can't seem to break away from it since my work and my school are tied to it 100%, 7 days a week.

Good luck trying to spend a little less time on the machine!! However don't beat yourself up if you have a tough time ... right now that computer, email & blog are your links to the outside world! And our links in to you & Hershey!

Glad you have your scrapbooking ... that should give you a computer break, right?!!

tamerlane said...

i am guilty too. i tease brooks about 'staring at the back of his head' and now i'm learning more and taking over 'his' computer.
with photos, music, movies, reading your blog....

Anonymous said...

I would go with absolute necessity which might if taken to the utmost extreme tend toward the evil.

In your case the sanity issue has to come into play. I am thinking the necessity outweighs any undue influence at this point.

Just try to keep up this level of attachment when the newborn is on the other side of your belly!