Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Day 35: A Peak Inside My Room

Have I mentioned that we have all moved into my hospital room? If not, then here is a little proof. When I do get discharged, it will take a u-haul to move us out. The pictures above show my scrapbooking drawers, my computer printer, a huge selection of movies, books, and miscellaneous activities, Holland's bath toys and shampoo, towels from home, framed pictures from home, a beautiful orchid, and a fridge full of food!. And this is only a portion of what is here. I have my computer, a stash of clothes, an assortment of books and magazines, trivial pursuit, chutes and ladders, a ton of Holland's toys, extra clothes for Jonathan and Holland, and who knows what else! They told me to make myself comfortable! So I did.


Nancy said...

You really do have all the comforts of home! I never had the fridge with food or the printer, but I did have a lot of stuff Jason schlepped in.

And when they did send me home it happened pretty quickly, so Jason didn't have time to gradually move stuff out - he made quite a few trips to the car that day. :)

Still hope you get to go home soon!

Anonymous said...

You do look quite settled ... maybe that's why your being denied parole? Maybe you look like you are enjoying bedrest too much and your doc is trying to keep you happy :-)

If it gets you home sooner, then tell your doc I can pitch in with the "moving-home" trips!!!