Friday, March 23, 2007

Daddy's Little Helper

I am so excited! The baby room is coming along. Here is Holland and Jonathan putting together the crib. Holland has been so eager to help set it up and she did a great job. I will post nursery pictures once it is all ready.

It is so hard to believe that the next phase in our life is going to include a baby! This pregnancy has been so abnormal! I did have bedrest with Holland too, but it wasn't until the last 5-6 weeks. I absolutely loved being pregnant with her. I loved the maternity clothes, the shopping sprees, the nesting bug, the decorating, the organizing and re-organizing, the showing off of my belly, the energy surge, the setting up of the room, the cravings, and even the emotional roller coaster! I loved it ALL! I am so grateful that I was able to experience all of that once in my life!

Now, I just lie in bed and reflect and remember what an amazing time that was. And I secretly hope that I will make it to 36-37 weeks and have my bedrest sentence suspended. At that time, I hope Jonathan is on standby with a getaway car to take me on a wild and whacky shopping spree so I can come home and put my nesting, organizing, decorating, energy depleted self to work! (er- I mean bed!)

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