Monday, March 5, 2007

DAY 33

All in all, today was another "not so bad" of a day! It was actually a pretty good day. I started out the day with morning cuddles from Holland. She has been climbing into my hospital bed at about 5:00am each morning and cuddling up with me as she falls back to sleep for a couple of hours. Even though it isn't that comfortable, it is a great way to start my day! After we woke up, Jonathan brought us treats from the downstairs coffee shop (banana bread and chai tea).

I had and ultrasound again today and the results looked about the same. I have acutally lengthened a tiny bit again which is ridicuously exciting! I went from .66 cm to .94 cm! This is still less than one whole centimeter, but I'm just thankful that I am holding my own and it's not going in the other direction!

After the ultrasound, I came back to my room and caught up on some emails. I have met a few women through cyberspace who are going through very similiar situations. It has been so fun to start an email relationship with them and share stories, concerns, fears, goals, etc. I even met a "due date buddy" - how cool is that?

The day just seemed to go by fast today which always surprises me. At about 5:oo, I got a call from some dear friends who wanted to bring us dinner and watch the Gonzaga WCC championship game! It was a wonderful treat. Thanks Scott & Jami! : )

Holland brought me some more art work for my wall, and let her stuffed Koala bear and her elephant spend the night "to keep me company" as she left to go hang out with grandma and grandpa.

Now I am settling in for the night and about to sign off. More to come tomorrow - stay tuned for Hershey's latest ultrasound pictures!

Lots of love to you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog. I am going through the same kind of high risk pregnancy with short cervix. I am actually coming to the end of a long journey. I'm 36 weeks today. I feel for you and know what you are going through. You are so strong and an inspiration. I am sorry to hear you are stuck in the hospital. I hope you can come home and bedrest there soon. Your daughter is beautiful. Your pics are amazing, what kind of camera do you have? Hope you don't mind me asking, I love photography :)

Please email me sometime at


Julie said...

Hi Ashley,

This is Julie from Sidelines, your due date buddy! I love your blog and have gotten lots of inspiration from it as well as a couple of laughs. I admire your ability to find the humor in things despite your situation. Feel free to email me anytime to exchange stories and concerns at Talk to you soon. Oh by the way, I have a blog as well at Not as much detail as yours on the bedrest, but a snapshot of my life:)