Tuesday, March 6, 2007

DAY 34; Week 25!

Here are our latest ultrasound pictures that I promised. Aren't they amazing? She looks a little skeletal, but I think she probably is a little skeletal at this time! She is thriving though and continuing to develop each and every day. We have made it to week 25, and there is actually talk of "home probation" in a couple of weeks. If I continue to stay this stable then my warden will grant me my probation/parole request! I must continue my good behavior. I must, I must, I must!


Julie said...

Wow, those are awesome pictures! You just answered some of the questions I asked you in the email I just sent you about the baby being a girl and when you might get to go home. She is going to look familiar to you when she is born (at full term:).


whatthef*ck said...

hey congratulations on the extra mm's. .94. woah. THAT is a short cervix indeed. did you have the cerclage first and then shorten, at 18 or 19 weeks, or did you shorten and then do a rescue cerclage? i'm curious if you had the cerlage first why did you have it done? because of a previous loss or a shortening cervix? i dont "meet" that many people with cerclages so i'm always curious when i do.

in any case, thank goodness you are hangin' in there. every day after 24 weeks, survival goes up 3% each day. by 28 weeks, it's 90%. we must be due around the same time. i'm due june 14th.

have you read the book "bedrest" by sarah bilston. its a novel about a woman's bedrest experiences. check out her website. she has an interesting point-of-view it seems.


hang in there.

Nancy said...

Pretty cool pictures Ashley. I haven't had anything like that, just the regular u/s where I can barely tell what's the head! :)

whatthef*ck said...

thanks for your email. found a cool mah jong website. very addictive however.


Anonymous said...

How amazing!! Those ultrasounds show so much and so clearly. Are you getting extra special u/s or is that the norm these days?

25 weeks ... must be time for another "happy dance", er, "butt slither" in your case!

Hang in there Potter family ... week 40 is just around the corner ... then I can finally say "I can't wait for baby Hershey to get here!"

Tia Marjorie

Ashley said...

Hi Marjorie,

My doctors office and the hospital are doing these 3D/4D ultrasound shots routinely now, but I don't think it is totally the "norm", yet. They have been around for the public a few years, but they cost big, big bucks. I think there are actually little kiosks at malls and stuff. Kinda wierd!

Anway, they are fun. I've been enjoying them!


Anonymous said...

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