Monday, March 12, 2007

DAY 40: Fresh Air, Fresh Start

I got some fresh air today and it feels as if I got a fresh start as well. I have not seen the outside world in any way, shape, or form in 40 days, but today I got the real thing. I asked if I could have a wheelchair pass to go outside and my request was granted. Not only was it granted for today but for everyday in the future. I can have 30 minutes each day to breath in the air, soak in the rays, and delight in my daughter's infectous giggle as she runs, jumps, and "flippy-do-rays" all over the place.

Jonathan and Holland got to wheel me down to a little garden that is on the hospital grounds. There was a beautiful waterfall cascading over a huge basalt boulder, a babbling stream rippling under a small, pedestrian bridge, big white fluffy clouds in the sky, and fresh,clean,crisp air all around. It was an amazing day here in Spokane.

I was tickled to be outside and I enjoyed every second of it, but more than the sun, and the sky, and the clouds, and the fresh air, I enjoyed my family. Being outside with them on a beautiful spring day brought me such great pleasure. That alone was "fresh air". That alone gave promise to a "fresh start".


Anonymous said...

It looks like a little fresh air out with Mom & Dad did Holland good, too! What a great tumbler!!

Nancy said...

Isn't it amazing how much we appreciate time outside now? Congrats on loosening your leash! :)

Anonymous said...

Well written article.