Wednesday, March 21, 2007

DAY 50: Recent Hollandisms

"Mommy, do you think our baby is going to say 'goo-goo, gah-gah'?"

M:"Holland, are you going to share your old baby crib with Baby Hershey?"
H: "Sure!"
M: "Did know that we are going to put the crib in the computer room? Baby Hershey is going to have her own room to sleep in."
H: "Well, I think she can sleep in the basement!"

Jonathan was playing around in my wheelchair in my hospital room. He was attempting to pop wheelies in typical goofy Jonathan fashion.
M: "Holland, what in the world is your daddy doing in that wheelchair?"
H: "He's being pregnant!"

"Mommy, lets name her 'Kicky' instead of 'Hershey'."

The nurse was trying to get the baby's heartbeat the other day with a doppler monitor. When you put the monitor on you can hear all of the kicks and jabs and judo moves. It can be very loud and very staticky. I asked Holland,
"Do you know what all that noise is, Holland?"
H:"No, what is it?"
M: "It's baby Hershey. She is moving all around and kicking my belly"
H: "Well, she needs to be quiet!"

This one is a little mortifying....
As one of my nurses was leaving the room the other day, Holland blurted out,
"Mommy, I think she has a baby in her belly, too." (Guess what? not pregnant!)

Holland was taking baths at the hospital every couple of nights, and it was always an ordeal. The tub was a little slippery and this would freak her out. She would scream and cry, "I don't want to take a bath, it's too slippery. Hold onto me, Daddy." This would turn into a minor battle, but it was worse than it normally would be because we were at the hospital with other patients and families around. Inevitably, I would get stressed that she was too loud and Jonathan would get stressed because I was stressed and his frustration level would escalate as Holland wouldn't cooperate. So, needless to say, bath time at the hospital wasn't fun.

Well, yesterday, Holland randomly said, "I want to go back to the hospital, Mommy."
M:"You do? Why do you want to go back?"
H:"I want to go back because I like the hospital."
M:" Oh! Well, what did you like about the hospital?"
H:" I liked when it was bath time and the tub was slippery."

I had no response to that.....


Julie said...

Great to hear that you are home. You'll get use to the "chaos" there...remember it's all how you look at it. I would hate to see my house right now:) Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Winding down the day and looked at the calendar, which is now marked with weeks:-) Oh my gosh, you will be 28 weeks on the 27th. I know not to count chickens but that is so amazing. For me, that was the big milestone. There will be others for you but a celebration is in order on the 27th! What is your favorite cake or treat?

Erwin said...

Very thougghtful blog