Tuesday, March 27, 2007

DAY 56: 28 Weeks

When I started out on bedrest, 8 weeks ago, this date seemed like it was an eternity away. I remember lying in the hospital bed that first night and being freaked out by Dr.Sunshine. He had painted such a bleak and dreary picture of my situation that I lost perspective. I temporarily lost hope - not a fun place to be.

As I look back, I know now that he was a resident in training and was just trying to present the facts. I'm sure docs in training are taught all about not creating a sense of "false hope" in their patients; but if you are presenting the facts, you can't just leave out the positive. You need to present both sides (for instance: there are thousands of women who go on bedrest early in their pregnancy and deliver full-term, healthy babies, or the cervix can in fact stay shortened, dialated, or effaced for weeks and months without sending a woman into active labor, etc).

So, I have officially made it to my second goal, however, I would like to emphasize the fact that I am not stopping here - I am in pursuit of my third and fourth goals (32 and 36 weeks). Now that I have made it this far, it is just another day that I am crossing off the calendar. It doesn't seem nearly as significant as I thought it would. The significance I have discovered has been in the perspective I have gained. This perspective includes hope, love, peace, faith, and gratitude. These are the (positive) things that have gotten me this far and will enable me to make it further. I pray that I will continue to maintain this perspective far beyond my delivery day. I want to live life each day full of hope, love, peace, faith, and gratitude.


Anonymous said...

28 weeks!! Thats great! Keep going mommy. Is it nice bedresting at home?? Thinking of you and keep going. You are doing amazing!

Anonymous said...

Yipee! Fabulosa! Maravillosa! Extraordinaria! Increible! Emocionante! Magica! Fantastica! Fenomenal! Milagrosa! Fascinante! Asombroso! Extravagante!

Now, just think how much I am going to have to stretch my Spanish vocabulary when you reach week 40 (my goal)!!