Sunday, March 4, 2007

DAYS 30 & 31: Random Thoughts at Bedtime

Holland and Jonathan have been sleeping here at the hospital almost every night. On most nights you can tell that her mind is just racing and she is having trouble settling down. On other nights, we think she is settling down and about to go to sleep, but then she will pop her little head up and share her random thoughts. Then she will get all nestled back into her "soft and cuddly blankie" and pop her little head back up about 5 minutes later and share some more! Here are a few of the things we heard the last couple of nights:

"Mommy, I need a princess hat. I only have two Christmas hats." "Really?" I say. "I thought you had lots of princess hats in your dress-up box." "No, I don't. We need to get a little princess hat for little sister and a big princess hat for me. I want a yellowish-green one for me and a turquoise one for little sister."

"Mommy, I want Lindsey (one of her best friends) to go on an airplane with you and me and daddy and grandma and grandpa. Do you think she will fit?"

"Mommy, I forgot to tell you something. Will you put my Christmas tree back in my room?"

"Let's sing, mommy. When baby cries because she wants a toy or something, I will sing Rockabye Baby for her."

"Mommy, is baby sister kicking?"
"No, not right now."
"Oh! She must be asleep or something."

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Nancy said...

That is so cute - isn't it amazing how their little minds work?

We love to ask Juliana what she thinks is in mommy's tummy. Sometimes she says "a baby!" but other times she says "a froggy and a puppy and a kitty and a teddy bear!"

I've had people congratulate me on the "puppy" in my tummy so who knows what she tells them when I'm not there!