Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ferry Day

Nine years ago today, Jonathan and I had our first date on a ferry boat in Seattle. Happy "dating" anniversary, Babe! It's been the best nine years of my life! Here's to many, many more! And here's a little limerick to commemorate that day!

There once was a poet named Potter
Who took his gal, Ash, upon water;
Their hearts did collide
On that ferry boat ride,
And now they're expecting a daughter!


Rufus McCain said...

There was once a fair lass name of Bradley
Who had fallen for this bloke Potter, rather madly,
So when he invited her aboard
His private yacht, she was floored,
And surrendered her virginity gladly.

tamerlane said...

T's Shout-Out Lizimerick for Hersh

There once was a Hershey of a girl.
Eager to bum-rush the world.
So Baby Momma gotta rest,
& B-Daddy move to th' nest,
Wid' Sista H's clothes ALL up in a whirl!