Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Question for Daddy

This morning as Holland was giving hugs and kisses goodbye before she left for school, she blurted out to Jonathan,

"Daddy, can you handle three girls?"

What do you think - Can Jonathan handle three of us?
Cast your vote in the comment section!


Anonymous said...

It's o.k. He will have help from Grandpa.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jono! Are you ready for this? I think you are.

Julie said...

I think if your hubby can handle the situation you've been in, (let's face it, it's hard on the dads, too) he can certainly handle 3 girls! If not, you will all handle him:)

Anonymous said...

IF THE 3 GIRLS ARE READING THIS ... don't worry, you'll have him wrapped around your little fingers in no time (if not already).

IF JONATHAN IS READING THIS ... piece a cake, they'll be falling in your lap to please you! You lucky guy of the house!

Unknown said...

mrangelmeg lives in a house with five women and only one other man. He keeps threatening to move out when our son moves out and leave the house to the estrogen, but I know he loves the women in his life.

I know Jonathan will be up to the task of the three women, after all they will all adore him, right? (well, most of the time anyway)