Tuesday, April 3, 2007

29 Weeks

(Quick Post)
29 weeks
Ultrasound and follow up appt. today
Good results
No change with cervix
Baby weighs 2 lb 10 oz.
Good heartbeat, great movement
No results on glucose test, yet
Pass granted for Easter Mass outing
Pass granted for Easter dinner out
All in all - a good appointment
Next appt. in two weeks


whatthef*ck said...

easter dinner out?! you lucky girl! enjoy. wow does that mean a restaurant? i cant wait to get the pass to start going out. maybe at 32?

enjoy your outing. glad to hear your check-up went well. check-up for me tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you Ash! What a great update, talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I stumbled across this while trying to remember how rare it is to have a complete placenta previa persist. I wish you all the best while you're on bedrest - you're such a trooper for having to do that for so long! I "only" had a month of hospital bedrest from 32-36 weeks for complete placenta previa.

Anonymous said...

Yipee! I hope you have a fabulous, fabulous time! You earned it for sure. I'm off for the weekend (gotta love all those religious holidays!!) ... I hope to hear about all the yummy things you ate and saw when I check back in next week.