Thursday, April 26, 2007


Doesn't it look like she is blowing bubbles?!

This week's ultrasound picture.

Look at those sweet, little lips and those squeezable cheeks!

I had an ultrasound yesterday, but no follow up with my doctor. I was thinking that I would see him immediately after my ultrasound, but then I remembered that Wednesdays are one of his surgery days. Anyway, the sonographer was able to give us some encouraging news. She measured the amniotic fluid which was 7 cm (last week), and up to 15 cm yesterday. My doctor had told us that he wanted it to be about 10 cm at least, so that was very encouraging. I had read online to drink lots of water and even Gatorade to replenish the fluid so I did just that! I'm not sure of the validity of the Gatorade recommendation, but my fluid was definitely replenished so I'm not gonna question it. The sonographer also reported that the blood pressure in the umbilical cord looked good, and that she was still measuring within normal limits for growth. She had gained about 4-5 ounces in those few days so we were pleased to hear she is still growing. I'm not sure how many ounces they are suppose to gain daily, but nonetheless it is hard to get accurate measurements on growth when they are taken that close together. So next week's ultrasound will be more telling and should give us a better idea on her growth status. I am just thankful for the stability that we saw, and for the fact that I wasn't rushed in for an emergency induction! After twelve weeks and a few days of resting, I am asking for a couple more weeks. I just haven't had quite enough!

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debbeblue said...

Ashley, You don't know "us" but my sister and I are following along and are both thrilled that your hydration strategy worked. I too am on my 85th day of bedrest - I think we went on together - and your spirit, your energy and your love for your family shine brightly. We are both praying ~ and a' wishin and a hopin' for you. What you are doing is amazing. These two strangers are proud of you! Take care and we can't wait (well, actually we CAN wait) to see Baby Hershey! Best to you ~ Deb & Michelle