Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Busted" (again) by My Three-Year-Old

The other day, Jonathan left me alone with Holland while he went to mass. I got up to get something to drink out of the kitchen, and I got a little distracted by the dirty sink, the crumbs on the counter, and the unswept floor (it really wasn't a big deal at all, but I got a little frustrated). I let out a BIG sigh and said, "Holland, you're Daddy doesn't know how to clean!". What I really meant by that was, "Holland, you're Daddy doesn't know how to clean like I clean".

I didn't think she was even listening to me as she was just passing through the kitchen when I made the comment. Well, about an hour 1/2 later, Jonathan returned from mass, and Holland was super eager that he was home. She started jumping up and down (more so than she usually does), as soon as she saw is his car pull up in the drive way. The second he walked in the room, she could hardly contain her excitement. A huge smirky smile spread across her face, her eyes lit up, and she blurted out, "Mommy, I need to tell Daddy something."

I said, "Okay, what do you need to tell him?" (I had no idea what was coming)

She then shouted, "Daddy, Mommy said you didn't know how to clean!" and started laughing hysterically dropping to the floor.

What a little tattle-tale! I couldn't help but crack up, but then felt the need to explain myself! Jonathan was very understanding as he always is. My comment didn't phase him a bit probably because he and I both know he has been working his *@%* off!

In his defense, I do need to publically declare that he has been totally amazing through out this whole ordeal. He is constantly cleaning things, vacuuming, washing clothes, straightening H's room, sweeping, mopping, etc. I am sure he is doing it so that I remain sane since I have turned into a bit of a clean freak these last few years. I appreciate ALL that he is doing even if it doesn't have quite as much "attention to detail" as my cleaning has!

Thanks, Babe! You Rock!


Julie said...

Ha ha, Ashley...sounds similar to my post yesterday:) Nobody cleans like we do..

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

Since you passed 31 weeks, do we get to start counting backwards from 40, yet? Just think you can be cleaning your own house in less than ... 9 weeks ... or less!! Well, maybe you won't want to jump right out of the delivery bed to the mop, but you get the picture.

(or maybe Jonathan is already secretly counting down :-) Hang in there man!

P.S. I forgot to do the 31 week happy day for you ... here I go ...

Anonymous said...

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