Wednesday, April 11, 2007

DAY 71: Another Daughter Ensemble

I thought that since I was home I would have a little more "say so" in the attire in which my daughter leaves the house in. Well, that was not the case this afternoon! I heard them talking about going to the park so I suggested that Holland put on some tights since it was still a little chilly today. I told her which ones would match her dress, but she had her own idea of what she wanted to wear. She eagerly pulled out the tights she had in mind and while searching for them, she ran across the cute, pink hat and turtle scarf - she insisted on wearing ALL of them!

I started to fret but wouldn't allow myself to go any further. Really and truly - what harm was it going to do? She was absolutely tickled that a.) she had chosen her own outfit, b.) she had dressed herself, c.) she had found the turtle scarf that I had secretly hidden and had been "missing" for months, and d.) she was going on an outing with her daddy to run, and jump, and scream, and play.

Isn't that the epitome of a three- year-old exerting her independence, free spirit, and creative license?

How could I squelch that? and besides, I was staying at home!

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Anonymous said...

It helps to be REALLY CUTE when wearing such outfits!