Monday, April 16, 2007

DAY 75: Miscellaneous Monday

1. Today is DAY 75 that I have been on bedrest. Can you believe it? That sounds like such a long time!

2. Jonathan is enjoying a new obsession of creating "face food". Holland and I receive at least one plate of face food each day. Click here to see a picture and blog entry about one of his latest creations. Remember my "sweet, goofy husband" posts?

3. I think I forgot to give an update about gestational diabetes. I DON'T have it this time around. I can't even convey how very relieved I am. Yippee! "Pass the Jellie Bellies, please!"

4. I am feeling like I am on the "homestretch", and I still have a long list of bedrest projects to complete. I may have made my list a bit too long, but I'm going to try and be super productive this week. I love crossing things off lists.

5. I am officially up to date on Grey's Anatomy. I started watching all of the episodes from the very beginning when I was first admitted into the hosptial. It makes a huge difference to have all of the story, the subtle dynamics of each relationship, and the history and baggage of each character! We rented season 1 and season 2, but the beginning of season 3 wasn't available to rent, however luckily, I was able to download them onto my ipod. I have watched 56 episodes total! Crazy, huh? I am not an avid TV watcher at all so this was fun to take on and it was a great way to pass the hours!

6. We ordered another load of groceries online again today! Very convenient. I think Jonathan is hooked. I personally like to go the grocery store, but for now this is fun and efficient!

7. I watched the first ever "Food Network Awards" last night. Pretty pathetic. I don't know what I was expecting, but it didn't quite cut it.

8. It is suppose to be a gorgeous day here today followed by a week of rain and clouds. I am hoping to get the lounge chair back out!

9. My hospital bag is officially packed. Well, actually I have everything in a pile in a corner of my room to put into a suitcase. I keep forgetting to ask Jonathan to bring a bag up from the basement. (If you are reading this babe, can you bring the small, black bag up?)

10. Holland is "into" dresses these days. I am so excited. It was almost impossible to get her to put a dress on last spring and summer. Thankfully, I didn't let that sway me in my end of the year shopping sales! She is totally set.

Happy Monday! (I'm 31 weeks, tomorrow)

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Unknown said...

Can you remember way back when Dr Smily was telling you that getting to this point was nearly impossible? Can you remember feeling like you couldn't make it this far?

You totally ROCK!

Just be happy you aren't an elephant, they stay pregnant for years.

perspective is everything.

big hugs