Sunday, April 22, 2007

Frumpy Bedrest Fatigue Syndrome

I have FBFS (Frumpy Bedrest Fatigue Syndrome). I suspect I have had it all along, but it is really raring it's ugly head these last couple of weeks. The nature of this disorder is that as time passes, it advances into more progressive stages. Mine has advanced rather quickly. Unfortunately, there really aren't any cures for this syndrome. Occasionally, a dose of sunshine, a visit from a friend, a really, good meal, or a long, hot bath will treat the symptoms, but these things only provide temporary relief. The worst part of it is that once the FBFS goes into remission, you are often hit with FNMSDS (Frumpy New Mom Sleep Deprivation Syndrome). Similar symptoms, similar course of action - only time will heal.

Here is a list of warning signs and symptoms:

bedrest for longer than 6 weeks
overgrown eyebrows
loss of energy
calloused feet
lack of motivation
shortness of breath
in need of a haircut
bouts of extreme boredom
severe fatigue
excessive wearing of lounge pants and t-shirts
loss of muscle tone
weight gain
anxiety and depression
fresh air withdrawals
overall unkemptness
obsessive compulsive tendencies
stiff muscles
dry lips
mental turmoil and exhaustion
loss of conversational skills

If you or anyone you know is experiencing these symptoms, it is highly recommended that you search the Internet immediately for online blogs, email bedrest buddies, or cyberspace support groups to assist you with this physically and emotionally draining disorder!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you should definitely do the spa day before Baby Hershey arrives!! Maybe you should space it out ... hair one week ... eyebrows another ... massage another ... at least as much as bedrest allows. Hang in their chica - you're in the homestretch!

Jill said...

Oh my gosh!!! You are right about overgrown eyebrows! I almost ran to the salon after the babies were born to get waxed!
I had a good reason though!

Julie said...

I hear you, Ashley! I can keep up on the eyebrows, but my feet and hair are in desperate need of attention! Hang in there, won't be long, now! Then, once the babies are here, we won't have time to worry about these things:)

Cathy said...

Oh Ashley - I'm so sorry you're feeling frumpy. I was so happy to hear how far you've come in your pregnancy and that you're so close to your due date, but I'm sure it feels like nothing short of forever since you've been able to get out and do anything.

Hang in there friend. I can't wait to see you and the baby... I'm at the store a lot more since Ann quit, so you'll have to come see us as soon as you can.

Did you see the new classes listed?

Okay - hang in there, friend. You'll make it. Do you need anything? I could bring you anything you want from the store... let me know.

Anonymous said...

Just looked at my calendar. Eight months on Monday the 23rd Ashley! Congraulations! That is such a huge accomplishment. You have given that baby girl the best possible chance of survival you possibly can. The rest is in God's capable hands and it will all go splendidly. Two weeks (if that's the plans) and she's only a few weeks early. It sounds as though that might be the best environment for her and thank God you have such an amazing doctor. Imagine, if she were born today, she would be quite well; perhaps small but this is 2007. Six-seven month old babies have survived. I know your goal is full term but girl, you are already in the safe zone. Know that and breeth a sigh of relief! The weight, the excess hair, the weak muscles . . . the frustration with any of that will disappear the moment you hold your new daughter in your arms. Plus, you have a lifetime to work on that:-) as we all do! Geez, my baby is 17 and I'm still working on it. Anyway, Ashley, Congratulations, you have done an amazing thing and you should ALL be proud!

Anonymous said...

I have the Frumpy Third Trimester Fatigue Syndrome. Unlike your syndrome, I'm allowed to stand but I just choose not to. I'm sure you want to strangle me for saying that now.

whatthef*ck said...

i hear you sister. last week we had cooked sushi and champagne to celebrate 32 weeks. it felt good to treat ourselves to a reward. doesnt need to be a milestone, you deserve to celebrate whenever you want.

i had an in-home massage a while back. it felt good to treat myself.

taking a shower and washing my hair and putting on a little make-up helps.

emailing real-life friends with updates helps me feel connected and supported.

here i am trying to solve your problem for you when you might just need empathy. you've been on serious bedrest for an eon. its amazing that you are holding up so well. if you need to have a grumpy day or two, you knock yourself out girl.

my therapist says, "dont get over it, get through it." it means dont try to gloss over the shitty feelings, feel them and then you may be free to move on.

i get realy freaked out when i realize what is coming my way post-bedrest: another c-section, recovery for that and from bedrest, sleepless night, taking care of three kids. yikes. but i trust that it will all be worth it when i meet my daughter.

Mirriam Seddiq said...

um, you mean you actually wear pants? I wonder what my disorder is called?? I have given up on pants!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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