Monday, April 2, 2007

Miscellaneous Monday

1. I love the food network. I watched 6-7 shows back to back this morning and afternoon (Barefoot Contessa, Sandra Lee, Paula, Giada, Rachel, Michael). Great line up! I can't wait to get back in the kitchen to do some cooking. I hope I'm not too exhausted from atrophied muscles and sleep deprivation once "hershey" gets here!

2. I am in first place in the March Madness Bracket competition that I put together! Hooray for me! I will post the winners after tonight's game!

3. Potato chips and onion dip have been my craving of choice (Doritos in particular). This is one of my old high school snacks that my dear friend, Angie, introduced to me! Yum-o (as Rachel Ray would say).

4. Holland and Jonathan have temporarily taken over the baby's room. I had to walk through there yesterday to get to the bathroom, and I almost had a panic attack! Jonathan brought up one of the rugs from the basement and gave Holland free reign with all of her art supplies. There was paper, markers, crayons, stickers, pipe cleaners, paint, paint brushes, coloring books, scissors, glue, etc. Jonathan also found the sweet Moses basket and decided to use it as a tool box. It is full of tools that he will be using for baby room projects for which I am grateful, but did he have to use the Moses basket?! As I looked around the rest of the room, I spotted a vacuum cleaner, a broom, one of Jonathan's paintings, a bag of garbage, and a collection of Holland's stuffed animals all wrapped up in the baby's blankies with the baby's bibs tied around their necks. ARRRRGGGGGG! I must announce that after my initial reaction, I decided to just keep walking. I didn't scream. I didn't bitch. I didn't nag. I didn't complain. I didn't even comment. I just kept walking.....

5. I have my first doctor's appointment since I have been home tomorrow morning. I will have an ultrasound, a screening for gestational diabetes, followed by an appt. with my doc. I really, really, really hope that nothing has changed with my cervix because I am afraid that I will be sent back to the hospital. I also really hope that I don't fail the glucose testing. Be forewarned: I may go into a bit of a funk if diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I had it with Holland which meant that I had to change my diet and prick my finger 4-5 times a day to get my blood sugar readings. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. (I will keep you posted once I receive the results)

6. I have been doing a ton of online shopping these last couple of months. You name the store or the site and I bet I have placed an order there! We even went as far as ordering groceries to be delivered the other day - kinda cool! (that one was Jonathan's idea). Other on-line shopping includes: the Gap, Motherhood Maternity, L.L Bean, Old Navy,, Disney movie club, papa John's pizza, Kodak Gallery, Pottery Barn for Kids, Babystyle, Target, Eddie Bauer, itunes, Avon, Ebay, Blockbuster, and even QVC home shopping! Those are the only ones that come to mind immediately. I know I am leaving some out!

7. I have been having fun watching the baby's room come together. All that is lacking is a rug and some wall decor. I picked out a rug for the baby's room and you can click here to see the one I ordered. I am also working on picking out a piece of wall art for her room. There is an amazing artist in Seattle that does printmaking from her original etchings. You can click here to see her collections. She is going to custom make one for me. I can choose the images, and I can send her my fabric so she can match the colors. I am so excited about this! It will definitely be a big splurge, but I am justifying it by thinking about all the money I have saved from not buying bedding, maternity clothes, baby equipment, baby furniture, etc. I will definitely post pictures once it arrives!

8. Holland went to a birthday party yesterday and discovered silly string! She came home asking us if we could please buy some more! I think I will tell the Easter bunny to bring her some!

9. We are gearing up for a big crowd for Easter. I am very excited about having the company around. I haven't had a ton of interaction through out this whole process - a few visitors here and there, but never long enough to fulfill my social butterfly tendencies! I am wishing I could cook a big Easter dinner, but will have to settle for dinner reservations. I am going to ask for a dinner pass tomorrow at my appointment. I hope the warden is in a good mood!

10. I am "miscellaneous-ed out". That is all that I can think of right now. I hope you learned some things that you weren't aware of!

Stay tuned for the ultrasound/doc appointment update coming soon to a blog near you!


Unknown said...

RE # 4: I think your surreneder this lent is going quite well if you realied your irritation at the mess but didn't mention it. Good for you.

Growth still hurts on the inside even when the outside looks like it is maturing. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

RE #1: I got hooked on the Ironchef when I had cable ... and anything by Rachel Ray. Did you see the Ironchef with RR competing against Giada? Very good!

Sounds like you've been learning lots - sign me up as a taste tester as soon as your back in the kitchen!

Re #5: Lots of happy, positive thoughts heading your way for a continuous home/healthy bedrest!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in on your amazing culinary skills in the kitchen, Based on your food choices as a teenager I thought your husband would be the cook, of would be eating french fries and grilled cheese sandwichs! You have made me proud!!

Also I am proud of you for walking through the disaray in the babies room. I know that was difficult to do. This too shall pass!! lol mom