Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Famous Last Words

Blogging from my hospital bed, once again.

Went in to have my cerclage removed today. Following the procedure, my doctor decided to admit me into the hospital to be monitored "for a few hours." I couldn't help but recall that those were the same words he used when he admitted me into the hospital the last time, which turned out to be for a seven-week stay.

"Will you keep her there overnight?" Jonathan asked.

"Well, we'll see how it goes," was my doctor's noncommittal reply.

UPDATE: Back in bed at home now. (Just seven hours at the hospital this time, instead of seven weeks!) Had some heavy contractions for an hour or so but they subsided. Strict bedrest continues in hopes of a little more growth before birth.


Anonymous said...

Praying all goes well. Who knows you may have the precious baby tonight!

Unknown said...

Well CONGRATULATIONS for making it to 36 weeks!!! Hooray for defying the odds and showing everyone. And kudos to you for being a great mom and following drs orders for your little girl. I'm excited to hear the delivery story. :)

Anonymous said...

You are almost there and you have done an amazing job getting your daughter here safe!! So happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

Did you request a room where you can blink the lights to Jonathan??

Wishing you a healthy delivery.

Britt said...

praying for you like whoa! I know that baby is so loved, and I'm sure she's probably SO beautiful! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

A Tribute to Ashley/Jonathan/Holland:
I am/have been continually amazed by the way my "three kids" have handled this bedrest "ordeal". Ashley deserves some kind of an award---I just can't think of anything good enough(besides Hershey!). I can't even imagine what it would be like to stay horizontal when you're actually feeling pretty well and you've spent your whole life actively vertical!
And Jonathan has done an awesome "balancing" act. OK--the basement is a disaster, but that is fixable. All the "non-fixables" have been covered. And it's because of this focus on the
important things by both Ashley and Jonathan that Holland is still so healthy and happy.
I would also like to personally thank Jonathan's and Ashley's employers/fellow professionals who have been so patient/great through all of this! It all makes me have renewed faith in the goodness and resilence of human beings.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! (can I say that now?)

Kudos to Jonathan, Ashley & Holland for surviving a super long bedrest! Can you see light at the end of the tunnel? Hershey's almost here!

Lots of happy thoughts heading your way for a safe delivery!