Saturday, May 5, 2007

Food Network Junkies

Holland and I have both turned into food network junkies. I think she loves it as much as I do. If I have it on, she will climb up in my lap and ask me, "Mommy, may I watch food network with you?". She has learned all of chef's names (Rachel Ray, Paul Deen, Giada, Barefoot Contessa, Sandra Lee,etc). She knows them by what color spatula they use! She is very interested in the variety of colors and a bit disappointed that we only have a white one. "Mommy, we need to buy a blue spatula like Rachel Ray!".

She is always wanting to help us cook these days. I have just started in the last week or so helping out with some prep work for dinner (cutting up herbs, or veggies or making marinades). She loves to get her cutting board and knife and chop away with us. She has informed us that one of her favorite kitchen utensils is the whisk! She loves to stir and mix things up!

I am constantly finding her cooking in her kitchen these days with play dough, water, salt, pepper, and whatever fruit that is in her reach. She makes all sorts of gourmet dishes and offers them to us through out the day. This particular concoction has been in our kitchen for about a week now (another part of my "letting go" therapy). I took some pictures of it, and asked her about it so in what follows will be our conversation pertaining to her cooking process......

M: "So, Holland, what did you make?"
H: "Chicken pie"
M: "Who's recipe did you use?"
H: " Um, Paula Deen's"
M: "What did you put in your chicken pie?"
H: "I put some black bird seeds, some rainbow sugar, some cinnamon, and I added flour, and I added almond butter, and peanut butter, and jelly".
M: "Did you put any chicken in your chicken pie?"
H: "Sure I did. And to mix it up, I mixed it up with chicken soup".
H: "Do you want some?"
M: "Sure, I would love some! It looks so delicious."

Anyone else want some? There is plenty to go around!

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