Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hodge Podge Post

I have a few things I have been meaning to report on and follow-up on so I am just going to post them all "hodge podge-ely" in this post:

First, I had my weekly ultrasound and follow-up appointment yesterday and things are progressing right along. Baby Hershey has had a growth spurt to almost 6lbs! We have really been concerned with her growth and my doctor was even considering inducing labor if she were continuing down the "slowed down growth" path. So, Hooray for her! The amniotic fluid and blood pressure in the cord issues have also resolved themselves so that is good news, too! I am swearing by the Gatorade regime that I have put myself on! I read somewhere online that is was a good source for replenishing amniotic fluid, etc. and things have totally turned around since I have been consuming so much of it! I may never know the true answer as to why she has made such great progress, so for now I will give Gatorade all the glory! (and God too, of course!)

Secondly, there are a few people left in the running for the "delivery prediction" contest. My mom guessed tomorrow (the 31st) because there is a full moon so we shall see. Britt guessed June 1st - not sure if there is any significance or personal connection to that date or not. The last two contenders are AngelMeg who had June 6th in honor of her oldest child's birthday, and then my dear friend, Heather is hoping for the 12th which is her birthday. Personally, tomorrow or the next day sound pretty good to me! I'm not sure I want to drag this on until the 6th or 12th - sorry girls! I guess only time will tell though - Good luck to all of you!

Thirdly, oh yeah - I also found out at my doctor's appointment that I am dilated 2cm. So, let the dilation begin..... 8 more cm to go!

Fourthly, thanks for all of the insurance "bill" predictions! I am thinking that the insurance companies are probably pretty thankful that many of you aren't into medical billing due to your astronomical guesses! The actual "bill" to the insurance company is between $155,000-$165,000 for seven weeks of hospital stay. This means Amanda hit it right on the head. She guessed between $150-175,000 based on her experience of a personal hospital stay in 2000. Good Job, Amanda! Thanks again to all of you who participated!

Lastly, I emailed the guy who wrote the article in the Spokesman Review about my blog and asked him if he found my blog randomly or if someone "tipped" him off. He told me that his wife was a featured reporter at the paper and someone had told her about it. So, if you are a friend or co-worker of Frank Sennet's wife and gave her the tip, I would love to know who you are! Are you a friend of mine? A parent of someone my daughter goes to school with? A co-worker of Jonathan's? Just curious!

Hope I am posting about a new baby girl sometime soon.

P.S We decided on a name (FINALLY)..... you have to stay tuned though!


Unknown said...

I guess this isn't a good time to tell you that our third daughter was three weeks late then huh?

No matter what our time schedule is, these litte angels have one of their very own and nothing we can do will make them budge a moment sooner than when they are ready.

Though I have heard tell that Cobb Salad from some restaurant in California has done wonders for some women (though I don't think they deliver and it isn't worth the trip. LOL

I will gladly lose the pool to save your sanity.

Jill said...

Your hospital must have a sale on antepartum care for the 7 weeks. ha ha

I was "in" for 6 weeks and my bill (covered by insurance - thank goodness) was $196,000.

Can't wait to hear all about the baby and find out her name!!! :) Exciting!

Jill said...

Can you imagine being pregnant with sextuplets. Here is a 24 year old in Minnesota on hospital bedrest with six!!!

A friend of mine's co-worker is a cousin of the woman. I think she is around 20 weeks or so with 4 boys and 2 girls.
I pray that things go as smoothly as possible for them!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Just read this post. Congrats on the good news.

I asked my wife and the person who told her about your blog is someone whose child goes to the same daycare as your daughter.

My wife also says to pass along her best wishes and that she reads your blog every day.


Frank Sennett

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't believe Hershey didn't make me a winner on the 29th ... but her growth spurt keeps me in the running for 6 lbs, 2 oz! (you can back off the gatorade now) I'm happy to hear you are dilating ... she's coming soon!!!

Amanda said...

It's amazing that prices haven't changed much since the year 2000.

Can't wait to read about the good news!

Britt said...

OH! I'm still holding out for June 1st. There's really no significance, except if you count psychologically. People tend to gauge goals in sets of 5's and also tend to use 1st's as good mile markers. So our body tends to follow. This is why so many old people pass on or around their birthday- it's their own personally mile marker. Anyway, i thought since you're due in June, that would make this the home stretch, and all that flood of relief could just send you straight into labor! Yay!!!!

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