Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's a Girl's Name, Too

[Warning: This entry contains spoilers. If you haven't seen Children of Men yet and you're bothered by spoilers, go out and rent it and watch it before reading this or watching the clip below, which is the final scene of the movie.]

A few weeks ago, we watched a lovely, provocative movie called Children of Men. The movie depicts a time in the near future when the entire human population has inexplicably become infertile. Society has been pitched into despair-laden chaos as a result.

"I can't really remember when I last had any hope, and I certainly can't remember when anyone else did either," the main character, Theo, says. "Because really, since women stopped being able to have babies, what's left to hope for?"

"As the sound of the playgrounds faded, the despair set in," says another character. "Very odd, what happens in a world without children's voices."

A woman named Kee, however, is pregnant. "Your baby is the miracle the whole world has been waiting for," someone says.

So you can see how we might draw some parallels between the message of this movie and our own experience holding out hope for Dylan to make it to term these past few weeks and months.

In the movie it is revealed that Theo had had a son named Dylan who had died in early childhood many years prior. When Kee (with Theo's help) gives birth to a healthy baby girl in the middle of a bombed-out apocalyptic ruins, bullets whizzing all around, she jokes about naming her Bazooka.

But then, in the final scene of the movie, Kee declares: "Dylan. I'll call my baby Dylan. It's a girl's name, too."

That's when Ashley said, "I love Dylan as a girl's name."

In case you were wondering.


Anonymous said...

Dylan is a lovely girls name. Where did Grace come from?

Anonymous said...

Where did Holland come from? Her name of course!

Ashley said...

Hi Katie,

"Grace" was a name that we considered off and on through out the whole naming process.

It always seemed appropriate given our situation. Dylan was definitely a gift of God's grace!

Ashley said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for inquiring about Holland's name! "Holland" was the last name of my favorite great aunt (my grandmother's sister).

My grandmother was very sick when I was growing up, and she died when I was pretty young. My great aunt filled that role for me. We were very close and I always wanted to honor her.

I love unique names so I chose her last name!

Unknown said...

That was one of my favorite lines in the movie. :)

The Ironic Catholic said...

It's a cool name. I like it.

And Grace is right on!

Unknown said...

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